Urine samples

Diagnosis of urinary tract insection or std’s

In case of diagnosis of an urinary infection (straight examination microscopic test and culture, it’s recommended to collect urine mid-stream on morning-urine-ideally-and at least 4 hours, before the previous urination.

By this way, the first jet will be eliminated and the right one collected in a sterile bottle ( available in pharmacies or in our collect centers) the urine has to be at the lab within 4 hours and if not, would be kept in the fridge during maximum 24h.

If STD is searching ( chlamydia trachomatis, gonocques), it would be better to use the first jet.

Analysis and chemical dosing

In case of analysis which do not need 24 hours urine collection, a first run sample is indicated. For tests requiring a 24 hour urine collection, we need to collect all the urine produced by the kidneys in 24 hours.  Vials are available at our lab or in our collection points.

Patient need to follow this procedure:

  • Empty the bladder with the first urine of the day. There are not part of the 24 hours collection.
  • From this moment (write down the time), collect all urine from the day and night in collection container.
  • The next day when you wake up collect the first urine in the morning and add it to the same container
  • During collection, keep the container in the fridge

The dosage of catecholamines, dopamines, VMA and 5HIAA is done on acidified 24-Hour urine ( special vials containing acid are also available to patients at our labs and at collection points).

=> Be cautious to avoid acid splashes especially the first fractions.