It might be possible that your doctor prescribe a test with different blood glucose dosage. ( level of sugar in the blood)

In order to pass the test your stomach must be empty ( fasting)

And the lab will give you an orange-flavored drink containing glucose at the right dose required for the test.

There are 2 hyperglycemia caused tests:

  • Test for the detection of gestational diabetes during pregnancy it lasts 2 hours and includes at least 3 samples ( time 0, 1 hour and 2 hours after glucose ingestion).
  • Test called HGPO ( Hyper Glycemia Provoked per Os) of a minimum duration of 2 hours but which can be extended to 4 hours ( as on the doctor request)

Because it takes time to perform these tests, it’s imperative to arrive early. Plan things to read or any other activity to pass the time.